Beauty Hacks: Quick Fixes for Makeup Mistakes

It happens to the best of us. From overly rouged cheeks to crooked eyeliner, makeup blunders plague even the most skilled of hands and we’re 100% convinced that even Michelle Phan gets her contouring wrong every once in awhile. 

The bad news is that we can never truly run away from these beauty blunders and whether we like it or not, they’re bound to happen every now and then (sometimes during the most inopportune moments, like when you’re rushing to leave your house and your Uber has already been waiting for the last five minutes), the good news however, is that for every mishap, there is a quick fix that’ll have your makeup game back on point within minutes.

Check out these five hacks that every beautyholic should know and while you’re at it, remember to check out Saleduck to score awesome deals on some of the tools and products that you’re going to need as part of your arsenal. Visit its beauty category right here.

Clumpy Mascara
This one hits just way too close to home. In an attempt to score voluminous lashes, you end up with lumpy bumpy lashes due to product pileup from your mascara that won’t budge even after  you painstakingly attempt to separate them with your mascara wand.

The Solution: Using a clean spoolie brush soaked in a little makeup remover and gently comb through your lashes. The remover will dissolve the clumped product and remove the access build-up. Once the clumps have disappeared, go over your lashes with another coat of mascara to set the look and problem solved.

Smeared Lipstick
We’ve all encountered moments where our lipstick gets on everything instead of being well-behaved and staying put. Preferably within the perimeter of our lipline and nowhere else. From bleeding into the corners of our lip to getting onto our teeth, this lippie dilemma is the bane of many women’s existence. 

The Solution: First, always blot your lipstick in between coats to make it last longer and prevent smudging. On top of that, you can also set your cream-based lipsticks by placing a piece of tissue paper over your mouth and then patting on a little loose powder. To reverse an unwanted smudge, use a cotton tip to clean up any messes and then go over the area with concealer and buff until everything is well-blended. 

Foundation Stains on Your Clothing
Nothing makes us tear up quicker than a foundation smear on the collar of our crisp white shirts but before you relinquish your whites and pastels that have been tarnished by the dreaded foundation stain, this unexpected fix will have you doing celebratory cartwheels in no time.

The Solution: Shaving cream. Yup you read that right. Shaving cream is better and faster than bleach when it comes to getting rid of foundation stains on your clothing plus they’re also a lot less corrosive which means that they won’t damage your clothing. Just apply it directly to the stain and let it sir for about 15 minutes before rinsing off. 

Over-Tweezed Brows
You got a little carried away with the tweezers and are now stuck with sparse and slightly patchy brows. Unfortunately, this is a problem that only time can solve as you’ll just have to wait it out but in the meantime, there are literally hundreds of products out there to help you fake fuller brows until yours grow back.

The Solution: Using a small angled brush and a brow powder that closely matches your hair colour, fill in any sparse areas using short strokes to mimic the effect of hairs until all the empty patches have been filled in. Remember to do this using a light hand so the look is as natural as possible. Even everything out by brushing over your brows with a spoolie brows and to set the entire look, use a clear brow gel to keep everything in place and to prevent the colour from fading. 

Too Much Blusher
You know the feeling, putting on too much blusher and then feeling the heartbreak upon realising that you’re going to have to take your entire face off and start from scratch to correct the error. 

The Solution: Gone are the days of going back to square one to fix a minor makeup mishap. To soften over-blushed cheeks, use a clean fluffy powder brush to buff away as much access product as you possibly can. The trick to this is to do it in light, circular and swift motions. Pressing too hard will only push the pigment into your skin and will make it even harder to blend out. Once you’ve done this, apply a layer of loose or pressed powder to neutralise the colour and you’re good to go. 

Follow me to Borobudur Temple Compounds

photo credits to @julian_cheong

During my first visit to Borobudur, I was thrilled with the magnificent aura that surrounded by the oldest temple and it gives peaceful feeling to the visitor. In my second visit, after a hectic year for me, I managed to found my inner peace at there. The aura definitely did not fade!

This is my second time here to Borobudur and yet I am still enthusiastic to visit. It almost feel like when I was there, I would be able to find my inner peace and forget about the worries that I have. My first visit to Borobudur last year was spectacular. This is one of the destinations that I am looking forward on this trip! During the last trip, it was easier to take picture and with lesser crowd, but for this time, we went on a public holiday. It was super hard for us to capture a satisfied one. Thank god I have my pro photographer @julian_cheong who managed to take some nice shots for me even in this circumstances haha.

It's absolutely amazing, worth every penny. To see all the splendor of the largest Buddhist in the world we were transported from our hotel at 4am. Very early but worth it. It took us about 45 minutes to arrive and the sunrise happened at about 5:25 in the morning.

IPOH Day Trip : Food Hunting with my BFF

Ipoh was in my To-go list for quite a long time but I was so busy previously till last month, my manager, Nataly came out an idea for a day trip down to Ipoh for food hunting, oh gosh! Fooooooooood!!!!

We were so exciting for this food hunting trip! Three of us, Nataly, Catie and I left KL city early in the morning with a cup of my favourite Starbucks coffee in our hands. Ipoh is still a new place to me as this is my second visit. I always heard about delicious food and heritage shop houses in Ipoh from friends, and Voila! 

Hello Ipoh!

25 Random Facts About Charlene

1. My favourite junk food.
- Chocolate!

2. My favourite way to spend my free time when I'm alone.
- Edit Photos, Play Dota 2, Facebook Live

3. Three things that make me happy.
- Flowers, Starbucks Mocha Frappe, Lipsticksssss

4. My favourite Kpop idol.
- Jung Yong-hwa ( CNBlue ) lol

5. Song that heals my soul.
- You are my all in all.

6. My best moment.
- Snowboarding in Korea with love.

7. Three colours in my wardrobe.
- White, white, white. ( denim as well lol )

8. Longest relationship.
- 5 years.

9. If I could pick a puppy for now.
- Pomeranian.

10. My favourite drama series.
- Game of Throne.

11. My Dream Christmas.
- Have a simple dinner in overseas with loved one.

12. Nike or Adidas.
- Adidas.

13. Languages I speak.
- Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, English, a bit of Malay and Korean.

14. What is your usual bedtime?
- Around one in the midnight.

15. Sneakers or Heels.
- Sneakers for sure.

16. Cuisine that I can eat everyday.
- Japanese food.

17. The last time I cried.
- A month ago as my granny went into the hospital.

18. What I do besides of blogging.
- Online florist, social media marketing, and a bit of financial advisory

19. How tall am I.
- 174cm, I suppose. Tall and chubby.

20. My favourite beauty product.
- Lipstick! I like to collect them haha.

21. When were your last embarrassed?
- I fall down on my birthday in a fancy restaurant two years ago.

22. My favourite sentence.
- Do what makes you happy, just follow your heart.

23. Guys that caught my attention.
- Fun, positive, fair skin lol

24. A skill that I wish I could master at.
- Playing piano.

25. Drinks that I love.
- Milo, milk tea, ice lychee tea, winessssssss.

Charlene's Must-Have: 5 Adidas Sneakers to match your #OOTD

Sneakers are the badass shoes that killed the heels haha. They are so comfortable and more relaxed when you wear it through your day. Most importantly, they are super easy to match with your OOTD! From a comfy T-shirt to a feminine one-piece dress, sneakers can definitely bright up the entire look with a hint of sportiness.

The Shorea, Seremban : Back to Nature. Forest Getaway in Malaysia

Spectacular view of the rainforest, fresh air, and tranquil atmosphere, what's not to love?

I recently visited to this villa for team building and it was an awesome experience! 
There are 3 different resorts with such concept within the same area: The Shorea, The Dusun and Awanmulan. The journey to this secluded resort took about 30 minutes from the Seremban city, and about 1.5 hours from KL.

We got ourselves the Villa Shorea & Villa Halia with ample space to fit 9 adults and 1 kid, equipped with private kitchenette, bathroom and balcony of forest view. Good amenities, kitchen utensils and bath towels are provided. It cost us RM2120 for maximum 10 pax to enjoy the villas, additional charges at RM200 for every extra pax added.

Being right next to the Berembun Forest Reserve, this is as close to nature as we can get. For those who are interested, you can also arrange to go for jungle trekking (comes with a fee) or visit the nearby waterfall.

Garuda Indonesia : 6D5N Flight to Medan & Lake Toba! ( North Sumatra )

Glad to fly again with Garuda Indonesia this year to a new destination in Indonesia, Medan. I adore Garuda Indonesia not only because they received ‘World's Best Airline Cabin Staff’ in 2016 (third consecutive year ) , but also awarded as 5-Star Airline by Skytrax. They're the 7th airline in the world to earn this prestigious award.

I'm excited to be invited to take the first flight flying to Medan with another three lovely bloggers - Brianna, Liting & Mongchin. We were gathered in Changi Airport early in the morning as there were a warm-welcomed opening event - ‘World’s Best Cabin Crew’ dancing by Garuda Indonesia.